Online store advanced features
Minimum order value, auto-hide out of stock products, and 3 more useful functions
Select the action to apply to out of stock products:
out of stock products
  • Hide out-of-stock in product list
  • Display on website, but hide opportunity of ordering
  • Display products with “on request” status and give the opportunity to order
Set up the minimum value available for ordering. Add message if minimum amount has not been reached.
Minimum order value settings
Multiplicity of adding to cart is a setting that allows you to add products not by pieces, but by multiple parts.

Usage examples:
Adjust multiplicity of adding to cart
  • You can show price per kilogram, but add to cart 100 grams.
  • You can show price for 1 unit, and add to cart packs of 10 units.
Within one online store, you can have different units of measurement for different products: pieces, kilograms, inches, meters, packs, etc.
Different units for measuring products quantity
Sell digital products that will be automatically sent to the customers' email after payment.
Sell digital products
  • Sale of e-books, documents, photographs and other electronic assets.
  • Bazium does not charge commission for digital products selling.
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